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“I am personally invested in the quality of care that is derived from interpreting services. We can impart change, one appointment at a time.”

  • Kristi Fredericks, CI, CT, Executive Director    Midnight Kommunications Interpreting Services

Kristi Fredericks is the owner and Executive Director of Midnight Kommunications Interpreting Services. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Kristi began learning ASL when she was a small child and her interest never ceased. After graduating from Gates Chili High School in 1993, she attended SUNY Brockport with the intention of pursuing a career in Education. While taking a basic ASL class at another local college, her passion and desire to become an ASL interpreter flourished. In 1996, Kristi was accepted and began attending the ASLIE program at NTID/RIT and graduated with an AAS degree in 1998. She began her interpreting career as a freelance community interpreter working in a variety of settings, from post-secondary education to medical interpreting. In 2000, she received two national certifications, the Certificate of Interpretation (CI) and the Certificate of Transliteration (CT) from our national organization, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. Kristi has mentored interpreting students throughout the years, sharing her knowledge and skills with future colleagues in the profession. When the opportunity presented itself, she created Midnight Kommunications Interpreting Services and continued her vision of bringing quality interpreting services to every customer, every time. 

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